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    Integration Architecture - 1.Aspects in Integration Architecture 2.Straight through Processing(STP) 3.Zero Latency Management 4.Integration strategy for integrating 2 systems vs several systems

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    Middleware Infrastructure -1.Integration Brokers 2.Application Servers / Component Servers 3.Need for Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) 4.EAI Stack vs Web Services Stack

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    Migrating a legacy application to component/service architecture

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    How does components and Web Services fit together? Developing web services with components(CORBA/CCM, EJB/J2EE, .NET)

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    Web Services Software Development Lifecycle BPEL for Web Services

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    Using UML for modeling BPEL (Web Services)

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    Web Services Security Issues

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    How to ensure maintainability, reusability and performance management of integrated systems

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