Architecture Blogs

Multi author blogs covering various issues, challenges, case studies in the field of Enterprise Architecture, Business Strategies, Process Improvement, Cloud Governance, Business Intelligence, Outsourcing, Stakeholder Management, Upcoming Trends etc.

  • Email notifications from bloggers, never miss any update
  • Share comments and experience with Blogger as well as network members
  • Share blogs on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin

If you want to be a blog author, join Associate Program.

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Architecture Reviews

Getting professional, credible review is key to improvement and success. Imagine a team of 100 experts available for review architecture books, tools etc.

  • The Book Review and Rating for several different criteria, also allow to list likes and dislikes along with the review
  • Trusted source for Architecture Tool review
  • Unbiased reviews to help members discover compelling books, tools, services etc.
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Architecture TV

Architecture Channels are designed to showcase short videos, streaming videos from various architecture events, workshops, expert interviews, live debates, panel discussions. This will provide great opportunity for learning and sharing.

We plan to provide three interfaces

  • Live Video Watch along with discussions online (active viewers)
  • Live Video Streaming (simple live video)
  • Recorded short videos
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iArchitecture Store

iCMG iArchitecture store offers product owners an online store to sell downloadable digital products. Our store helps you sell digital assets related to Enterprise & IT Architecture. Reach customers in 30 plus countries and earn 60% - 80%.

Once you sign up for the Content Seller Program you get access to dashboards. Add your profile and products to iArchitecture store.

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Ask the Architects

No frills, architecture consulting service. Free sections are also available. With "Ask the Architect", an expert can respond to customers’ queries and customer can ask practicing architects at an affordable price.

  • Before buying a service package, we would invite you to participate in the FREE section to post questions and connect with experts.
  • Our Experts will be more than happy to guide you, share valuable tips and necessary insight.
  • Join iCMG Associate Pogram if you want to be an expert for Ask the Architects Service
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Architecture e-Learning

As part of iCMG Online Architecture University, we offer online courses (self paced) as well as live instructor led training for various Enterprise & IT Architecture Certification programs.

  • Instructor led online LIVE; the program is delivered online by the expert using Citrix GoToTraining. Useful for those who are constrained by the availability of public workshops in their cities (country)
  • Self-paced online (recorded); this is self-paced elearning environment. It is extremely helpful for professionals who want to achieve certification without losing on their day-to-day work.
  • Join "Content Seller" program and add your online courses to Online Architecture University

Currently, TOGAF eLearning, Applying Zachman Framework eLeanring courses are available. You will agree that a certificate will enhance the value, also improve resume.

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Architecture Events

iCMG hosts over 300 events in a year across 40 plus countries. Our events are integrated with Architects Corner so that our members are more engaged with each other. Nothing beats meeting face to face and having fun at doing that!

  • Search an event based on title or city, etc.
  • Also, use "Auto detect" feature to see events near your location ( city).
  • See who else is attending
  • Share live status update
  • Invite your friends to join the event
  • "My Events" page shows user’s own events
  • "Ongoing events" are events which are live
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Architecture Awards

The idea is to honor architects & enterprises whose work demonstrates a combination of talent, vision & workmanship, which are creating successful and enduring systems & enterprises.

  • It's great opportunity for you to highlight your projects and success
  • Share and learn how Enterprise & IT Architecture is shaping the business today
  • Time to identify heroes, nomination are invited for 2014 edition of the award competition

Use this service along with Architect's Briefcase and Architecture Survey

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Architects Network

The world's leading service network for practitioners & customers of Enterprise & IT Architecture. Architects Corner site has to offer unique features that will keep you coming back.

  • It provides integrated environment to create and share documents, videos, e-Learning, project management, surveys, events, discussions, etc. Everything under one integrated environment.
  • Join us now, it's free
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Architecture User Groups

Architect Corner Group allows members to interact at a more personal level. Every group will have its own photos,cvideos and event sections. Plus, there is a discussion forum and file sharing feature for the community.

Join the Architecture World, TOGAF User Group, Business Process User Group, BI User Group etc.

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Architecture Videos

A fully-featured video capability has been added to Architects Corner, ranging from embedding videos to hosting your own. Go ahead and share your short videos

  • Community members can either directly upload and share their videos, or share videos from video-sharing website such as YouTube or Vimeo
  • Videos are grouped into multiple categories
  • Sort by Latest videos, Most discussed video, Most Popular Videos etc.
  • Check the featured videos regularly
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Architect's Albums

It's fun to use Photo Gallery in Architects corner to share pictures from workshops, meetings, webinars, award function or similar events. Great opportunity to have photos that make for professional sharing

  • Upload dozens of pictures in a single action. Just drag and drop them to the upload screen and HTML5-powered uploader will automatically queue the photos.
  • Architects corner comes with an amazing photo gallery. Each album is neatly displayed, coupled with interactive features such as comment and like system, photo tagging and content discovery modules.
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Architecture Surveys

Powerful features, skip logic, great looking UI. Participate in surveys or create your own architecture survey.

Architecture Survey is the perfect tool for conducting surveys

  • Supports images, checkboxes, radio buttons, grids, text boxes, rich text boxes and more
  • Excellent report tools to keep track of survey with CSV & PDF report download support
  • Use it for conducting meaningful survey in your organization or for your customers
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Architecture Quotes

Community contributed Architecture quotes database. Users can create author profile if the quote author not present.

And each author has dedicated profile page. Displays related quotes of the current quote

  • Search facility available to search quote easily
  • View latest and popular quotes from single page
  • Use this daily to update or add as and when you come across a quote.
  • Very useful tool while conducting a meeting or making a business presentations.
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Architecture Quiz

Quiz solution for Architecture learning, knowledge base, a tutor or a plain quiz solution

  • Supports images, checkboxes, radio buttons, grids, text boxes, rich text boxes and more
  • Flexible tagging allows more organized content and explore questions with ease and style
  • Excellent report tools to keep track of quiz with CSV download support
  • Create skill assessments for your team members and customers
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Architecture Polls

Architecture polls with nice user interface, powerful voting system and rich charting tools. Every month new polls are added, start your poll now or see the results of other’s poll.

  • Not just looks but also behaves great on smartphones, tablets and desktops
  • Show the result in bar and pie charts, customizable for each poll
  • Displays related, latest, popular and category polls
  • Attach images to poll answers or link poll answers to external websites/urls
  • Allows you to embed your polls anywhere. Just copy paste the code.
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Architect's Stream

Architect Corner has powerful Social Stream. Most stream items are highly interactive, where you may "like" or leave a comment on the content.

  • Like and comment any stream item and notification will be sent to original poster and everyone who has liked or leave a comment on the post
  • Filter the stream to view all activities either by the site members or just your friends.
  • Auto-update features notify user when there is a new update in real-time.
  • The powerful stream also works within each group and events
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Architect's Briefcase

Use it for sharing files with members in Architects Corner. 1 GB Free for associate members. Architect's Briefcase is similar to Yahoo's Briefcase, a well known approach to document and file sharing. Members can upload their files and share them with other members.

  • The uploaded Files can be SHARED with one/more users, one/more groups, all users, or with the public (registered and unregistered users).
  • In case a file is shared with the public, the user can set a date and time for how long the share will remain active.
  • Share the files with your project members and customers
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Architecture Projects and Tasks

This Project Management service is fully configurable to meet the needs of independent consultant and small businesses. The Project Management features such as Time sensitive Milestones, Tasks and Task Lists, File Repository & Attachments are integrated with your account in Architecs Corner. Increase your productivity with

  • Time Tracking, Reporting and Billing
  • Configurable Email Notifications & Task Subscriptions

Use this service along with Architect's Briefcase and Architecture Survey

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Profile Management

There are several unique features that will provide complete control on your presence and engagement

  • Update profile picture and video
  • Add a profile video that speaks for you
  • Upload video and photo.
  • Privacy settings for your friends, photos, videos and Group list
  • Add friends to your network
  • Support multiple profiles.
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Privacy Control

We take user privacy seriously and have used a robust privacy control system.

  • Members can limit their content access either to public, site members or friends only.
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