• Redundancy, Inefficiency
    Eating Away Profit Margins?

    Learn how to apply lean and agile techniques for process refinement
  • Business Process Beyond Whiteboard and Sticky Notes

    Learn advanced techniques of process deconstruction, simulation and impact analysis
  • 70% of Business Innovation Can Happen by 20-30% Process Change...How?

    Uncover the most advanced technique for identifying areas of process innovation
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Eight Ways To Make Your Enterprise Processes Agile & Nimble

  • 1. Process Primitives

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    1. Process Primitives

    How to deconstruct a Business Process?
  • 2. Process Simulation

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    2. Process Simulation

    Using Process Simulation for Process Optimization
  • 3. Impact Analysis

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    3. Impact Analysis

    Impact Analysis before initiating change
  • 4. Process Innovation

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    4. Process Innovation

    How to drive Business Change with Process Innovation?
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Workshop on Improving Business Process

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Learn techniques for improving business by improving business processes using Enterprise Architecture.

In fact, best and most popular Process Methodology (& frameworks) have collectively failed CEOs time and again as most process frameworks are devoid of insight to Enterprise Anatomy and its impact in handling change.
We have found the use of Enterprise Architecture as a solid basis for business process improvement. It helps in creating necessary process primitives and underlying anatomy.
If you need to support your CEO's new goal of increasing revenue in the next quarter, then you must look inside processes across 10-11 departments such as Sales, Marketing, Customer Support, Product development, Product/Service Delivery, Technology Management, HRD, Finance, Account Management, Quality, Operation Management etc. A change in quarterly business goal might trigger changes in 10-11 critical processes spread over 9-10 departments.

Clear & practical approach. First prototype in less than 10 days.

This workshop solely focuses on the customer, but with an enhanced ability to innovate and uncover new ideas they will never tell you about! Learn the practical change framework and stay up-to-date with the changing trend. Our handpicked case studies from a multitude of industries like Financial Services, Manufacturing, Telecommunication, Healthcare, Retail, and Transportation will give you a better learning experience. Most importantly know how the implementation framework delivers change in a secure and structured way and lowers risk. Practical Change Framework A detailed overview of the Enterprise BPM Framework.

iCMG Certified Enterprise Business Process Leader (iCBPL) program evaluates and ascertains professionals ability to specify the overall business process, decision-making and implementation in the context of Enterprise success. All the testing and certifications are administered with strict quality controls. Currently, there are three levels in certification.

Level 1: iCMG Certified Enterprise Business Process Leader Essential i.e. iCBPL Essential

Level 2: iCMG Certified Enterprise Business Process Leader Practitioner i.e. iCBPL Practitioner

Level 3: iCMG Certified Enterprise Business Process Leader Expert i.e. iCBPL Expert

Sunil Dutt Jha
Sunil Dutt Jha, Founder & CEO of iCMG, has influence over enterprise decisions worth $250mn annually. He has evolved advanced "Enterprise X-ray" techniques (inspired by medical practice) which are very effective in the diagnosis of business problems. The same has been applied to over 120 different types of business problems related to growth, new products, business expansion, requirement management, business process improvement etc.
In the words of legendary John Zachman - "I have known Sunil Dutt Jha for more than ten years and of all the Enterprise Architects that I know, and I know quite a few, Sunil is at the top of the list."

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  • Advanced techniques for process innovation

  • Model multiple scenarios within hours

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