Are you struggling to raise funding?

You've done your due diligence... But hit a stone wall at the time of funding? You have come to the right place!

Proven method to get projects funded!

Create a compelling case in a language and logic the business can understand and let the case speak for you!

How to get your Enterprise Architecture, BPM projects funded?

Are you struggling to raise funding for your Enterprise Architecture, BPM, Cloud related projects?

Let's say you have a perfect Enterprise Architecture project that really matters… You've interviewed the business, you've researched the technology and you've done your due diligence. All you need now is the money to fund the project… But you hit a stone wall at the time of funding; you can't seem to get the needed approvals. Now what? You’ve come to the right place!

Our service portfolio provides a proven, effective method for getting important Enterprise Architecture (EA) projects funded by the governing business team. EA projects are most likely to be funded when the EA team presents a solid business case that contains a sense of urgency and a clear purpose that ties to strategic business imperatives in terms the business can understand and relate to.

Our team will equip you with most effective tools for discovering the important data and develop the story and logic of the business case in a way that is compelling and gets important initiatives funded.

Tools & Techniques:

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Bill Branson is a Business Strategist and Performance Consultant who provides consulting services and educational services to clients across the globe drawing on his recognized leadership and management experience and his extensive experience with information technology, enterprise architecture, IT Strategy, business transformation and program management. Branson's wide-ranging work history in both vendor and end user companies spans 30 years.

  • CXOs (CEOs, Directors, VPs, CTOs, Chief Architects & CIOs )
  • Consultants (IT Consultants, Product Managers, Technical Managers etc...)
  • Managers (Project Managers, Program Managers, R&D Managers etc...)
  • Architects ( Solution Architects, Technical Architects, Enterprise Architects etc...)
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