Deconstruct Business Process

Using the process primitives, multiple outcomes can be modeled for simulation and a decision arrived for the best fit.

Process improvement in 45 days

We use advanced techniques for creating models, parameterization and simulation, which are key to optimization...

Business Process Management

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Business Process Models help in visualizing the workflow within the organization as well as between the organizations. Typically, process improvement initiatives focus on three areas: Optimizing resource utilization, Reduce time as well as Reduce cost of executing the business process.

Unfortunately, most of the efforts are ad-hoc or strongly driven by “gut feeling” or one or two seasoned people in the team. It’s important to note that just process labeling is not enough. Business process improvement is actually an engineering problem. It requires applying scientific, mathematical, economic, social, and practical knowledge..

iCMG Process Consulting IP
Our approach for process improvement uses 6 dimensions (interrogatives) of the Zachman Framework for creating hundreds of combinations before an outcome is finalized. By deconstructing an existing business process model, we identify the various process primitives. Using these process primitives, multiple outcomes can be modeled for simulation and a decision arrived for the best fit meeting the performance goal. It uses set of advanced techniques for creating models, parameterization, and simulation, which are key to optimization.
Step >
Create “AS IS” process model
Step >
Identify the business process primitives and map to the Zachman Framework cells
Step >
Prioritize the process optimization scenarios e.g. optimizing in terms of roles (people), process transformation or location distribution
Step >
Create multiple “Target” business process models
Step >
Run the simulation over dozens of scenarios to arrive at the optimal process flow

Key Benefits

  • Ability to create the Enterprise X-rays for effective diagnosis
  • Created multiple solution models, simulate them and test them.
  • Ability to predict changes due to implementation of the solution.
  • Built a coherent and verifiable Enterprise Architectural models.
  • Enterprise & Enterprise IT is ready for next “Acquisition & Merger”

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