IT Architect Skill Assessment - Lite

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Architecting Enterprise Software

In the world of technology, complexity increases everyday that leads to a new learning. To cope up with the increasing complexity, in this dynamic environment, assess where you are in your architecture journey.

This assessment will help in benchmarking your architecture experience and the readiness that are essential for an aspiring IT Architect.

This 60 minutes assessment contains 25 questions, covering the following important Architecture aspects.

IT Architect - Pre Qualification Test

  1. Architecture Frameworks
  2. Architecture Development Process
  3. Modeling Specification
  4. Component Model
  5. Reusable Assets
  6. Business Process Management
  7. Model Driven Architecture
  8. Service Oriented Architecture
  9. Legacy Transformation, EAI
  10. Assessment & Governance
Note: The assessment results will be shared to you through the email id provided to us.