IT Architect Skill Assessment - Lite

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IT Architect Skill Assessment - Lite

In the world of technology, complexity increases everyday that leads to a new learning. To cope up with the increasing complexity, in this dynamic environment, assess where you are in your architecture journey.

IT Architect Skill Assessment will help in benchmarking the architecture experience and the readiness that are essential for an aspiring IT Architect. At the end of the Assessment phase you will be able to estimate the subsequent effort and investment required for a complete Implementation of Enterprise wide Architecture and a roadmap to govern the metrics within.

iCMG assessment approach helps assess readiness of the architecture resources in-order that they are able to work on various Architecture related work.


IT Architect Skill Assessment covers 11 important Architecture aspects

  1. Architecture Framework & Styles
  2. Architecture Development Process
  3. Modelling Specification
  4. Component Model
  5. Reusable Assets
  6. Quality of Service
  7. Model Driven Architecture
  8. SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)
  9. Domain Knowledge
  10. Big Data
  11. Testing
IT Architect - Pre Qualification Test

Assess the current state, strengths and Weaknesses of the IT Architect team

IT Architect - Pre Qualification Test
The proposed approach will help correctly and accurately assess the current state, strengths and Weaknesses of the IT Architect team:
  1. Team skill gaps
  2. Individual Strength/Weak areas
  3. Team Strength/Weak areas
  4. Team orientation
  5. Individual and team ratings with regard to architecture Attributes
  6. Individual and team’s readiness to be deployed for critical Architecture initiatives
These findings are then made available to the client Management Team, both in the form of data as well as useful graphical representations.

Skill Test comprises of the following key aspects:

The online descriptive assessment test conducted for the team of architects will capture the various responses to the test taken by the Architect team members. This is thoroughly read and understood by one or more of iCMG’s Experts and evaluated accordingly. The evaluation process is extensive and takes about a week to ten days by the experts. More often they have to re-read the responses multiple times to accurately determine the rating on each response. After individual evaluations are complete, the experts look at all of the responses from the team individuals collectively and develop key observations and metrics.
The benefits of the proposed approach are:
  1. Review of Skill metrics
  2. Customization of training content for any training for the team
  3. Setting up Architecture Centre of Excellence
  4. Team Readiness and Team Deployment
  5. Career Advisory for the Architects in the Team
Finally, iCMG would also help the client Management and HR teams in planning appropriate career path for the Architect Team members based on their current skills, strength areas and architecture initiatives within the client enterprise.
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